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Turf wars

Pit your wits against your opponent in this customizable, card-based American Football strategy game that incorporates every facet of the game. Build a team and march them down the field to secure a victory based on the play calls you make - not on a dice roll!


Play the part of GM and draft (or trade for!) the type of players you want on your roster. Choose from Rookie, Vets, and Star players with different styles, strengths, and weaknesses.


You call the plays. Make the right play calls to drive your team down the field or stop the opposing team's offense. The more creative and deceptive your play calls, the better your chances of scoring big!


Customize the game and your approach. Call an audible, run a No-Huddle Offense, or add in optional Penalty cards for extra complexity and tougher challenges.


Get a physical copy of Turf Wars, with Player cards, Playbook cards, rulebook, and a custom scoreboard, all in a fully-printed box.

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how to play

Turf Wars is a fully strategy-based game - meaning your fate rests in your hands (literally) - no dice rolls and no luck needed. Use your cunning wits to outsmart your opponent and take home the trophy!

You and your opponent will begin by selecting your teams through a draft. Take turns selecting one of each position while choosing between Stars, Veterans, and Rookies with different strengths & weaknesses.

Then you'll choose plays from your playbook and place one on each player. Your players run the plays you call and will gain yards unless your opponent chooses the right defensive plays to halt your progress - or turn the ball over!

Each play you call will be eligible for a certain number of yards if successful, but Player bonuses and Penalties can alter the outcome of a play, so choose carefully.

Each time you're on Offense, you'll have up to 10 plays to reach 80 yards. The fewer plays it takes you to reach that mark, the more points you'll score!

Each Coach (that's you and your opponent) gets 4 tries on Offense and 4 opportunities to prevent each other from scoring or force a turnover.

TURF WARS RULEBOOK (Print Edition 3.2)


Player cards are drafted to fill out your roster and carry out your Play Calls in game. Put together a team that compliments each other's strengths and weaknesses.



Call the shots

Each turn, you'll choose the plays your team makes by selecting Play Calls from your Offensive or Defensive Playbook. Put together creative combinations and keep your opponent guessing what you'll do next. The more clever your play calls the bigger the chance to score - or create a Turnover on defense.

Add Penalty Flags to your game for a tougher challenge - these can alter the outcome of a play and turn a touchdown into a loss of yards - or vice versa!




taste victory

Points are scored based on how many plays it takes the team on Offense to reach 80 yards. Fewer plays mean bigger scores - but also bigger risks.