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Get Lost!

Think you are ready for the perils ahead? Set out into parts unknown in this game of hard choices and careful consideration for 2-4 players.


Each turn you'll have to choose three tasks to devote your daylight hours to in order to stay alive in the wilderness. There's water to collect, food to find, fires to make - and you don't want to be caught without shelter when a storm rolls in. You still need to find time to travel to the next destination!


The Tools and Skillsets you choose at the outset will give you extra boosts to improve your chances when performing tasks every day - and you'll need all the help you can get! Each Terrain has unique challenges to performing certain tasks and each Night Time brings a new surprise. Collecting water in the Desert or building a fire in the Wetlands is no easy feat and night can catch you unprepared. The choices you make every day may decide your fate!


Each Terrain you conquer is worth a certain number of Victory Points determined by its difficulty. But be careful - running out of Food or Water will hinder your progress or impact your health and once you lose all your Health, its game over!

How to Play

Choose 1 Skillset and 3 Tools to bring on your journey. These act as die modifiers when performing an action.

Each turn you'll choose 3 tasks to perform that day - travel, build a fire, hunt, forage, heal, and more. You'll roll one die for each task comparing the result (plus any bonuses from Skills or Tools) to the number on the Terrain mat matching that task. You must match or beat the number on the Terrain in order to successfully complete the task.

At the end of our turn, you'll draw a "Night Time" card, which will reveal what happens will you slumber. Sometimes night will bring a bounty like berries, shelter, or fresh water - other times it will bring storms and wild creatures which can cut down your health and place you on the brink of death!

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Be Prepared...

Before you begin your journey through the wilderness, you'll need to gear up and study up! Choose a Skill card and 3 Tools to boost your chances of performing crucial tasks.



...for Anything!

You won't know what environments you'll have to endure on your journey back to civilization - or what surprises each night will bring!




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