Preparing to launch - 2022

Deus Antiqui

Deus Antiqui

Market scarcity has created a fierce competition amongst the ancient gods to gather as many Believers as possible and cement themselves as the supreme being of the realm. You and 1-5 frenemies will battle it out using your godly acts to gain a competitive advantage.


Your acolytes accrue Believers every turn, which you can 'collect' into your Flock, but the more effective your Acolytes are, the more they'll be a target for your opponents!


Halt the competition's growth of Believers with plagues, famines, and tribulations or protect your own Flock by performing miracles. There are many paths to supremacy - which will you take?


Powerful Mythos cards give each god a unique trait and special abilities - will you use yours to turn the tides in your favor or keep it hidden for extra bonus points in the endgame?

Play Online!

While Deus Antiqui is still in development and may change before being published, you can test the game out at Be sure to leave us some feedback if you give it a go!

How to Play

Over the course of the game, you'll build up your Acolytes, who "convert" Believers every turn, but only the Believers you "bank" to your Flock will count towards your final score.

An Acolyte targeted by a Tribulation will lose any of the un-banked Believers they've accrued and you won't be able to add more Acolytes to them until you unburden them of their affliction using Miracles.

Miracles can relieve your Acolytes or protect your assets by blocking Tribulation attacks from your opponents - the more powerful the Miracle, the more you'll have to sacrifice (discard) to perform it.

Meanwhile, each god must choose whether to use their special Mythos card to gain an edge or keep it hidden for extra points towards their final score.

Once all the Believers run out, each god will tally up the Believers in their flock, their Unafflicted Acolytes, and an unused Mythos card - the god with the most points wins the game!

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Deus Antiqui

The Aether

Each turn, you'll draw a card from the Aether - choose between gaining more Believers, attacking other gods, or protecting what you have.