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Get ready to get down

Dance Off! is a card game for 2 players who would rather lay down than get down. Play a card, bust a move and get ready to throw down in a dance floor showdown.

Build Momentum

Each dance move you play will help you build up to bigger, better moves. Chain together dance moves with increasing skill levels (and higher scores) to build up to a grand finale. But watch your energy levels to avoid running out of steam before you've made your big move!

Impress the Judges & Wow The Crowd

Faster moves score first and can steal the show, but perform a move with a lot of Hype or Pump Up the crowd to perform a better move sooner and you'll have your opponent on their heels.

Turn It Up!

Boost your next move with Turn It Up cards that can turn a basic dance move into a showstopper!

How to Play

The goal of Dance Off! is to play a series of dance moves that add up to score more points than your opponent. Each round, each Dancer (you) will select Dance Move cards to play in the hopes of scoring points that round.

When you do score points on a Dance Move, you will add it to your Dance Sequence. The Dance Sequence is a chain of Dance Moves that allow you to perform bigger, better moves.

Each card has values for the speed of the move (Flow), the Skill of the move (which scores points), the Momentum required to perform the move, the Hype of the move (defense against your opponent scoring first), and finally how much Energy the move uses up. Choose your moves wisely to maximize your points!

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