Five Tool Baseball

Build your roster, pick the perfect pitch, and swing for the fences, in this immersive strategy game that perfectly emulates America's favorite pastime - baseball.


What kind of team will you build? Powerful sluggers? Speedy defenders? A tricky ace starting pitcher or a bullpen full of flamethrowers? You decide who makes the cut and what kind of team you put onto the field.


Every pitch and every swing of the bat is in your hands. Deliver the perfect pitch combo to strike out the side, or throw out a baserunner for the final out. When the bat is in your hands you'll decide what pitches to chase or take and how big of a swing you want to take!


Down in the 9th? When it's time to mount a late-game comeback, using the special abilities provided by Rally Caps to propel your team to victory!

How To Play

In Five Tool Baseball, you play the part of Manager, Coach, and Player. Draft your dream squad, set your lineup, decide which pitches to throw and which to swing at. It's a comprehensive baseball game where every decision rests solely in your hands.

You and your opponent will get to choose from a variety of hitters and pitchers - from stars to scrubs. Choose between powerful bats, speedy baserunners, defensive wizards, or ace flamethrowers. The choice is yours.

Once you’ve assembled your team, tabbed your starting pitcher and set your lineup, you’ll take turns pitching and batting for a 9 inning faceoff, trying to string together hits and walks to put runs on the scoreboard.

You’ll choose which pitches to throw from your pitcher’s arsenal, manage a pitch count, keep baserunners in check and much more. On offense, you’ll choose when, where, and how to swing and roll die to determine whether the ball in play turns into a double play or a homerun.

You’ll even have a chance to rally your team to victory in the 9th inning with a little help from Rally Caps. Let’s play ball!

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5 Tool Baseball Rulebook (v2.1)

Draft Your Team

Choose from a variety of position players and pitchers, then set your lineup and choose your starter.

Player Back



Pick Your Spots

Batters see where the pitch is coming from - but not where it will end up! Choose pitches that keep the batter guessing and swings that play to your batter's strengths.

Down in the 9th? Rally Caps will even the playing field and provide a comeback opportunity for the trailing team!



Rally Caps